Mobile furniture in the TAGWERC Design STORE

Mobile furniture

Modular and mobile

Here today, there tomorrow – furniture should be versatile and adaptable to different environments and uses. Just as life is characterized by change, mobile furniture can be an anchor in a world full of change. Sounds paradoxical, but it’s not. Because mobile furniture is – as the name suggests – movable. It can be moved here, then there again; when moving, it is quickly packed and unpacked again in the new home.

Bar cart and bathroom cabinet

Mobile furniture can often be modularly expanded, reduced, supplemented, used here and there. When it comes to design classics like the mobile furniture collected in the TAGWERC Design STORE, they can even be super resold if they are no longer needed at some point. If one wants that. If not, mobile furniture by designers such as Joe Colombo, Peter J. Lassen, Jonathan Hayon, Studio DDL, Verner Panton and others accompany us on our way. Are used – like the mobile containers Barboy or Boby, Play and Runner – for a while as a bar cart, then as a bathroom cabinet, nightstand, toy box, later perhaps as storage for baby utensils, in the home office, office, sewing or craft room.

Jewelry box or makeup cabinet

Wherever mobile furniture is needed – it is simply rolled there and continues to serve its purpose in a completely different place. In small rooms, large rooms, in the winter garden or in the hallway, in a bar, at the hairdresser’s, in a practice, in the waiting room, an alcove, as a jewelry box, make-up cabinet or key rack.

With and without castors

Mobile furniture creates free space, in the living room, children’s room, hallway, bathroom, guest room. They were and are the mission of many designers who have a penchant for form, function and flexibility and often spend their lives studying mobility and developing mobile furniture. Their furniture is flexible, usually stored on casters or even mobile without castors. Here, at TAGWERC Design STORE, you can find the best furniture for more mobility in your life.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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The mobile furniture from B—Line in the TAGWERC Design STORE.

Joe Colombo - Boby Rollcontainer

Joe Colombo - Ring Container module

The mobile furniture from Montana in the TAGWERC Design STORE.

Peter J. Lassen - Runner Rollcontainer

The mobile furniture from Poltronova in the TAGWERC Design STORE.

Studio DDL - JOE Baseball Armchair

Centro Studi Poltronova - JOE Ball Pouf

Superstudio - Sofo Armchair

Superstudio - Sofo Sofa

The mobile furniture from Verpan in the TAGWERC Design STORE.

Verner Panton - Barboy Rollcontainer

The mobile furniture from Vitra in the TAGWERC Design STORE.

Verner Panton - Living Tower Living sculpture