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Coat stands – Organisation and Optic

Wardrobes are undoubtedly one of the most useful pieces of furniture in a home. In the entrance area of an apartment, in the waiting room of a practice or in a niche in the office – most cloakrooms are primarily one thing: practical. For many, the utility value of a wardrobe is in the foreground. Therefore, a wardrobe should look as inconspicuous as possible and take up hardly any space.

Much more than a commodity

But those who deal with furnishing and design have long understood that a wardrobe can be much more than just a commodity. Wardrobes by designers such as Studio DDL, Verner Panton or Peter J. Lassen are not just clothing racks. Rather, the wardrobes from the TAGWERC Design STORE are design objects – most of them are mobile and all of them – even unused – are simply very beautiful to look at.

Perfect form

Unhanged, without clothing, keys and knick-knacks, the wardrobes from the TAGWERC Design STORE cut a fine figure. Their form is perfect, their appearance alive and at the same time noble. The design wardrobes shown here are sculptures, many with a story and an inspiration for the viewer.

Practical when relocating or moving

A special benefit: The design wardrobes are also flexible. If you often have to rearrange your home or occasionally move for work, simply take your coat rack and unpack it elsewhere. Without any recurring installation, these wardrobes can then be used again immediately and are always ready for use.

Solitaire and object

Mobility and flexibility are also important in the office. While design clothes racks such as Cessato Allarme by Centro Studi Poltronova, the Panton Coatstand by Schönbuch or the Cactus by Gufram can be placed as a solitaire and object in the foyer or in the entrance area of an office or practice, other cloakrooms are suitable for use in offices or conference rooms and can even be accommodated in a closet – invisible to others. The unique modularity of many by TAGWERC offered furniture leaves room for individuality and inspires new ideas again and again.

Wardrobes and clothes racks from the TAGWERC Design STORE prove once again that they can be more than just a forced storage of outerwear. Be inspired.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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The Coat stands from BD Barcelona in TAGWERC Design STORE.

Antoni Gaudí - Calvet Hanger Wardrobe

The Coat stands from Poltronova in TAGWERC Design STORE.

Studio DDL - Cessato Allarme Coat stands

The Coat stands from Schönbuch in TAGWERC Design STORE.

Verner Panton - Panton Coatstand Coat stand