by Verner Panton, 1963

Verner Panton’s Barboy white is a lounge table for many occasions. Three rollers mounted under the container make the table flexible in use. The cylindrical shaped body is devided into four levels. While larger items up to bottle size can be accommodated in the lower compartment, the height of the two upper compartments are reduced. The final element consists of a round plate, which offers itself as a shelf. The Barboy is made of laminated wood by Verpan in the colours black or white.

Manufacturer Verpan Lighting & Furniture by Verner Panton
Material Metal | Plywood
Shipping 2 weeks
Inclusive Quality Check


incl. 19% Vat, plus shipping costs

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Barboy WHITE

The rollable table is made of bent and painted plywood. The three drawers of different heights are superimposed flexible and are swing open to the sides. A laminated wood panel is the final. It serves as a tray or shelf space. The Barboy white rests on four sturdy stainless steel castors. As a conclusion to top acts a signed stainless steel knob.

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Multi-purpose furniture were a big issue in the late 1960s. Almost in the begining of this decade, designer Verner Panton was concentrated on developing the mobility of furniture. In addition to a series of movable furniture such as the Barboy or the Modular Furniture System, Verner Panton designed the Partyset in 1965. As so often with Verner Panton the name of the Barboy gives information on the application: a rolling container that can be used as a mobile bar cart, but also to accommodate all sorts of utensils in the bathroom and bedroom.

Particularly in design classics such as the Barboy white, the risk of plagiarism is very high. If you want to purchase a Barboy white as original, you will receive it with certificate from the design interior specialist TAGWERC.

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  • Material
  • Colour
  • Roll
  • Plywood lacquered, metal
  • White
  • Chrome-plated wheels


  • Height
  • Diameter
  • Weight
  • 72.50 cm
  • 38.00 cm
  • 24.00 kg


  • The upper compartments of the Barboy can be swiveled through 360 °.

The Barboy was designed by
Verner Panton

Verner Panton X Pantop
Designer Verner Panton
Verner Panton
Original Verliebt. Design objects by Verner Panton in the TAGWERC Design STORE.

Verner Panton is one of the most inspiring designers of the 20th century. With avant-garde designs using modern materials, the native Dane was far ahead of his time. The architect and designer created houses, furniture, lighting, textiles and everyday objects.

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