Design lamps, furniture and accessoires from Tagwerc in TAGWERC Design STORE.


Tagwerc is founded in 2009 and initially established a knowledge portal for the Danish designer Verner Panton, followed by a mono store for Verner Panton Design. The company founders – themselves long pop art lovers and Verner Panton collectors – create a digital location in addition to their stationary showroom for Verner Panton design object. Extensively researched stories and background information about the designs Verner Panton including the online shop, in which the design objects, which are still produced under license, can be purchased – all this makes up the ‘Verner Panton Universe‘ – so the name.

Verner Panton Universe

The mono-store with the licensed designs of the designer, which are officially manufactured by companies such as Vitra, Verpan, Louis Poulsen, &tradition and Teppich Drechsle, is very popular with the Verner Panton manufacturers, is established in ten years under the name ‘Verner Panton Universe’ and Tagwerc is internationally known as the specialist for Verner Panton design.

Slippers for the Panton Chair

Questioning facts and finding solutions to everyday problems are a matter of course at Tagwerc and so the idea of developing an accessory for the Panton chair matures. In its own right, it was necessary to optimize the use of the seating furniture for the use on smooth floors. Until that time, the chair’s mono-skid sometimes left scratches on the 130-year-old wooden flooring at the Tagwerc headquarters. After months of development work, the felt glider Panto Glide was launched in 2010, a kind of slipper suitable for the Verner Panton plastic cantilever chair.

Tagwerc Cushion Collection

Shortly thereafter, in 2012, Tagwerc launches an own cushion collection. This collection initially consists of three different patterns by designer Verner Panton, which are available in different colour combinations. The ‘Panton Cushion Collection’ is followed by other home accessories with patterns and fabrics from other designers such as the long-forgotten Gunnar Aagaard Andersen. For this purpose, the certified original fabrics, among others by Maharam from New York, are handcrafted into unique design cushions or design cases – each unique.


Representatives of other designers approach Tagwerc and are enthusiastic about the ‘Verner Panton Universe’. ‘If it only was possible to offer such a forum to other designers,’ is their concern. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, the idea matures to make the history of other designers tangible in addition to the Verner Panton Design history and to make it possible to experience the design objects themselves – the ‘TAGWERC Design STORE’ was born.

On site or from home

In the ‘TAGWERC Design STORE’, the online shop for interior design objects, designers reveal their unique designs, behind hidden design stories and interesting connections. In addition to a Tagwerc showroom in western Germany and the associated brick-and-mortar retail on site, the online shop ‘TAGWERC Design STORE’ enables design enthusiasts from outside to shop from home. In this way, the company bundles a unique knowledge portal on designers, their interior designs and upcoming design trends, which works independently, scientifically researched and well-informed. Today, designers such as Joe Colombo, Ettore Sottsass, Gunnar Aagaard Andersen, Studio DDL, Viggo Boesen and other visionaries gather here.

Shapes, colours, and function

Special shapes, colours and functions – furniture, lighting, carpets and home accessories in perfection – this makes the designs of small and large designers unique and perfect. The design agency Tagwerc has professionalized and specialized in the unique designs of important designers of the 20th and 21st centuries. If you love design, you should definitely know Tagwerc.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Design objects, manufactured by Tagwerc.

Aagaard Andersen Dessin Letters - Cushion

Panton Dessin Geometri - Cushion

Panton Dessin Optik - Cushion

Panton Dessin Unisol - Cushion

Felt pads suitable for the Panton Chair Model until 2020

Felt pads suitable for the Panton Junior

Inner cushion Premium Pillow by TAGWERC