by Ingo Maurer, 1989

One from the Heart is a table lamp and light object that the German lighting designer Ingo Maurer designed in 1989 as a wedding gift for friends. The response to the One From The Heart table lamp was overwhelming and so the heart-shaped light object was developed to series-production readiness and has since been manufactured by the company named after the designer. As an official partner, TAGWERC supplies the original One From The Heart table lamp with a guarantee of authenticity.

Manufacturer Ingo Maurer Design lamps and light art from Munich.
Material Metal | Mirror | Plastic
A++ TO A
Bulb LED MAX. 9 WATT | Hard-coded
Shipping 2 weeks
Inclusive Quality Check


incl. 19% Vat, plus shipping costs

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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One from the Heart Table lamp

As early as 1989, Ingo Maurer designed the One From The Heart table lamp as a wedding gift for friends. The 95-centimetre lamp measures 40 centimetres in width and is equipped with a 3-metre-long power cable as well as a cord truffle with slider. The heart as the central theme of this light object is formed on the one hand from red plastic and on the other hand from a mirror that seems to float above it. Depending on the surroundings, both the red heart and the light bundled in the shape of a heart are projected onto the wall.

The base of the One From The Heart luminaire is formed by two metal discs that overlap as if they formed an intersection. Two crocodiles function as lamp feet and stabilise the upper of the two metal discs. From the centre of the two metal discs, two wires spiral upwards – a red wire on one side and a blue wire on the other. Comparable to the vein and artery of the heart, these lifelines also lead into the heart of the One From The Heart luminaire. A movable mirror, which is stretched over the heart and is also heart-shaped, directs the light reflection to the individually desired spot.

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One from The Heart is named after the 1982 love drama of the same name by Francis Ford Coppola. The light object was so well received by Ingo Maurer’s friends and guests that it was eventually developed to the point where it was ready for series production and is still an integral part of the Ingo Maurer collection today. Other prominent designs by Ingo Maurer are: the “Bibibi” stork legs (1982) made of red plastic, the “Lucellino” pair of wings (1992), the “Porca Miseria!” pendant lights (1994) and the “Zettel” pendant lights (1994). (1994) and “Zettel’z 5” (1997) as well as Alizz T. Cooper (2008). Since the early 1980s, Maurer has cooperated with a group of developers who support him in the realisation of his ideas.

“The quality of light is more important to me than the form, and so I have concentrated on that,” says Ingo Maurer about his work as one of the most important lighting designers of the 20th century. His luminaire designs are preceded by the iconic “Bulb” luminaire, which came into being in 1966 by a twist of fate and which has accompanied Ingo Maurer throughout his life: “The light bulb has always been my leitmotif, right from the start.” Maurer’s designs are manifold and are sometimes created in symbiotic cooperation with other designers, as in 2012 with Moritz Waldemeyer for the LED lamp with the significant name “My New Flame”.

At TAGWERC you can get the light object One From The Heart as well as the entire Ingo Mauer collection. Online, in the TAGWERC Design STORE, you will experience a curated selection of Ingo Maurer design objects. For all Ingo Maurer objects from the Ingo Maurer collection not listed here, we will be happy to make you an offer.

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  • Material
  • Colour
  • Metal / Mirror / Plastic
  • Red / Green / Blue / Silver


  • Height
  • Diameter
  • Cable length
  • Cable colour
  • Cord switch
  • 95.00 cm
  • 40.00 cm
  • 300 cm
  • black
  • Transformer with slider


  • Base socket
  • Max. Power
  • Finish
  • Colour temperature
  • ./.
  • Fixed LEDs
  • 2700K / Warm white

The One from the Heart Table lamp was designed by
Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer, designer and light artist from Munich.
Ingo Maurer | WHAT we DO COUNTS.
Ingo Maurer | 1932 - 2019
Original Verliebt. Design objects by Ingo Maurer in the TAGWERC Design STORE.

Ingo Maurer is one of the most extraordinary lighting designers of the second half of the 20th / early 21st century. His designs outline his own, unsurpassed design style. Born in Germany, he is immortalised worldwide by unique light objects and light installations in private and public spaces. His company, named after him, continues to produce Ingo Maurer's designs to this day.

Table lamp One frm the Heart