Spare parts

Spare parts

Design originals, such as lights and furniture, are made from custom- made parts that combine to form a beautiful design classic. Even if the materials are solid, valuable and really well thought out – by moving or carelessness something can break.

Even if the defective part does not usually affect the function of the design classic, it does affect the appearance and value. We at Tagwerc have specialised in licensed design originals and are very familiar with classic designs such as lamps, furniture and carpets. In almost 70 years of production, a lot has changed in the course of time.

For example, the VP Globe was previously produced with a diameter of 60 centimeters. Today, however, the pendant lamp is available in 40 or 50 centimeters. With sizes and manufacturers also changes in production and spare parts were made. Knowing what and where fits best, this our passion. No matter if a single seashell disc for the Fun lighting series or an entire acrylic ball for a VP Globe pendant light, here, in the TAGWERC Design STORE you will receive all original spare parts.

With the missing spare part, your design classics are usually repaired quickly and easily. Should it be a bit more complicated, we are happy to give tips and tricks for repair to Tour customers. In addition, we offer a repair service for design objects from Panton and design classics from other designers.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Spare parts for furniture and lighting from Verner Panton.

Spare parts Fun Seashell lamps

Spare parts Fun Metal lamps

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