Throw pillows, pillows, seat cushions or sofa cushions – the cushions from the Panton Cushion Collection by Tagwerc are true all-rounders.
Above all, design cushions are used wherever the ambience needs to be visually upgraded and made more attractive. Different upholstery fabrics and patterns offer the opportunity to reflect on colour preferences or to tie in with any existing colour design. Three different patterns and four different colour themes, so the Panton Cushion Collection by Tagwerc offers enough design freedom.

Optics and comfort

Homely and valuable – the cushions of the Panton Cushion Collection are unique pieces that are handmade. Here, the fabric is processed on both sides and placed value on the ideal pattern apperance. Contrary to other cushions, the cushions of the Panton Cushion Collection have only three instead of four seams. The zipper, matched to the colour of the pillow, is concealed, which enhances the look and comfort.

Softer and more comfortable

The Panton Cushion Collection by Tagwerc brings the classics of designer Verner Panton back into the office area and living ambience.
The original fabrics of the New York textile manufacturer Maharam are hand-finished in Germany and filled with an especially for woven fabrics developed filling. Tagwerc Premium Filling Pillows can also be ordered separately and used for other design cushions. It makes solid materials softer and more comfortable.

Patterns, patterns, patterns

Geometric patterns on home textiles such as cushions are the perennial favorite in the furnishing sector. A trend that has become a design classic long ago and with which, with a minimum of effort, the attractiveness of the ambience can be increased. A few cushions are purchased quickly. Cushions are lightweight, ready to use and totally mobile. Today they lie on the armchair, tomorrow on the sofa, on the bed, the dining chair, the kitchen bench, wherever you need it, a cushion is always on hand, always ready to increase the well-being and living comfort.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Panton cushion collection by TAGWERC.

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